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God's Love for us
Andy Simons
Andy takes us through the Song of Songs and describes God's love for us, as we are commanded to love each other.
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  • Recorded: 15/09/2019
  • Length: 33 minutes
Portsmouth Street Pastors
Jackie Hunt
Jackie describes the role and experiences of Street Pastors in Portsmouth, with Street Pastor colleagues explaining what motivated them to become a Street Pastor.
Jackie Hunt from Street Pastors.mp3
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  • Recorded: 08/09/2019
  • Length: 21 minutes
What Have We Been Called To Do?
Becki Bickerton
In this short talk, the wrap-up talk for a Café Church, Becki tackles one of the most important questions that each of us has to face; What have we (each) been called (by God) to do? She gives no answers, but explains that it is for each of us to pray about this and listen for God's leading.
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  • Recorded: 25/08/2019
  • Length: 5 minutes
The Legend of Jesus
Matthew Grandage
History has many legends. Many believe that Jesus is one of them, believing that He was a good and charismatic man, about whom stories were then written to add the miraculous elements of the legend. Matthew expounds a description of Jesus, written while His life was still in living memory, which shows that Jesus was everything we claim Him to be, and more.
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Engaging in God's Presence
Denham Howard
Denham talks to us about engaging with the Presence of God, using the words of the Marie Barnett song "This is the Air I breathe". Note: the Yazz version of the song that Denham refers to can be found at and the Kathryn Scott version we sing at the end can be found at
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  • Recorded: 11/08/2019
  • Length: 26 minutes
When God calls...
Jayne Howard
Jayne tells us what happened to her on the way to work, and what it taught her about listening to God.
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Lessons from the Inside of a Great Big Fish
Martin Mant
Being inside a big fish was a turning point in the life of the prophet Jonah, and crisis situations are often the catalyst for important decisions in our lives too. Martin explains.
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  • Recorded: 28/07/2019
  • Length: 28 minutes
  • Reference: Jonah 2:2-9
What is the purpose of a sermon?
Rev Tracey Ansell
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  • Recorded: 21/07/2019
  • Length: 29 minutes
Fighting our Giants
Andrea King
Andrea is a ministerial student at Regent's Park College. In today's talk, she uses the story of how Goliath was defeated, and how we can use the same principles to defeat the insurmountable problems in our lives.
Fighting our Giants
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A Man After God's Own Heart
Andy Simons
Today, we are looking at a psalm by King David, who was described as "A man after God's own heart". Andy shows us what it means to be a man (or woman) after God's own heart, and why it is desirable to be so.
A Man After God's Own Heart
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